Why Choose Corpus Christi?

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Why Choose Corpus Christi?

One of the most important decisions parents can make is where to send their children to school.  I hope you consider Corpus Christi Catholic School as a partner in your son’s educational journey.    

Here are our top 10 reasons to continue your child’s educational journey with Corpus Christi!

1.   Our faculty and students live our Catholic identity each day. We pray as a school community every day and attend monthly liturgies led by a grade each month.  Students give witness to the meaning of Christian Service and sponsor an outreach initiative each month.

2.  In 2011, Corpus Christi was designated as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.  This distinguished honor was a result of the efforts of a dedicated faculty, a committed pastor and families who put their trust in the values of a faith-based education. 

3.   The Office of Catholic Education recently recognized the achievement and effort of the students and teachers of Corpus Christi Catholic School. Based on the results of the March 2018 standardized testing, Corpus Christi was one of three schools in the archdiocese whose students exceeded a year’s growth in skill and acquisition of knowledge. Our test results also indicated a significant number of students whose achieved scores were higher than their anticipated scores. This recognition of student performance is an affirmation of the strength of our program.

4.    Experience...for over 50 years Corpus Christi Catholic School has offered a robust, challenging curriculum that continually evolves to meet the educational needs of our students. 

5.  Our teachers have PA teaching certificates, are diligent in maintaining their Act 48 credits and are faithful to our Catholic teachings and participate in classes each year to maintain their religion credits. 

6.    Spanish, Computer Lab, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library are part of their weekly instruction.

7.    The Montgomery County Intermediate Units partners with our school to provide reading and math support for students.

8.    Teachers incorporate differentiation into all lesson plans so we can challenge our students who need extra stimulation as well as those students who benefit from small group instruction with teachers.

9.    Plans are underway to introduce a NEW Skills Study Center at Corpus Christi during the 2019/2020 school year designed for middle school students who would benefit from specific instruction on ELA, Math and study skills.

10.    Our school provides a warm, caring environment that develops self-esteem and a positive attitude toward learning.

Mrs. Maureen Lafferty

Mrs. Maureen Lafferty