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Dear Corpus Christi families and friends,

Welcome to the Corpus Christi Home & School Page.  The Home & School Association acts as a liaison between the parents, the school and the school administration.  We work together to implement new ideas and activities, and also to continue with our existing ones.
We manage many different committees every school year.  Our committees are grouped into four main areas:  Hospitality, Fundraising, Socials, and Support/Clerical.  All of our committees play an integral role in making Corpus Christi School the wonderful school community that it is today.

We would not be able to support all aspects of these committees without our volunteers.  Our volunteers are the heart of our school community and without them our Home & School programs would simply not be possible.  Please check out the many ways you can get involved.

To our current and past volunteers we offer our heartfelt thanks. For anyone who’s not yet volunteered we ask that you consider volunteering for any of our committees.  We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and are always looking for new faces and helping hands.  Please become involved and sign up using our on-line sign up genius http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0948adaf22a1fa7-201617.   Getting involved is a great way to meet other parents, enrich your children’s experience and more fully enjoy our school community.


Corpus Christi Home & School Association

The objective of this association shall be the advancement of Catholic education and the welfare of all school children of this parish. The Home & School Association shall attempt to enhance the parents’ and teachers’ role in the education of the child by providing an opportunity for them to work together for the good of the child. The Home & School Association shall act in the promotion of parent-school activities and to increase awareness of educational and community affairs. The Home & School Association shall strive for open communication among administration, faculty, staff, parents and students. The Home & School Association shall play an important role in raising funds to support school programs, equipment, renovations and educational materials.


Getting involved

Your Support


 The CCS H&S Association appreciates your support.  You probably have heard the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child”.  That could not be truer.  Here at CCS, we love our school and all that it provides to our children and families.  Each year, H&S strives to provide support (both socially and financially) to the school, the faculty and staff and to our families.  Here are just a few ways that you can join us and get involved in making a valuable difference here at CCS: 

Become a member of H&S by completing the attached form and sending in your contact information along with your annual dues of $20.00.  These funds go towards printing the H&S Family directory.  The H&S Family directory allows you to stay connected with other CCS families. 

Come to our General Meetings to find out what is happening at our school.  Dates are highlighted on our website and also listed on the school calendar.  H&S meetings are an opportunity to listen, learn and to share ideas. 

Volunteer Opprtunities


 Volunteer Opportunities – Each year brings an ambitious agenda of 
activities.   In order to provide a positive experience for your 
child/family and to be able to accomplish what we would like, we 
need your help.  With a small commitment from everyone, we will 
easily accomplish what we set out to do.   See what wonderful 
opportunities await you by browsing our description of Volunteer 
Opportunities.   Then sign up today.  Sign up is as easy as 1, 2,3 ….  

Click on http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0948adaf22a1fa7-20182019 and select those events that interest you.  We thank you for your time and talents.  




  • Attend our “FUN”raisers.  During the year we offer many events that are just that – FUN (not fundraisers).  Check out our many Activities & Events that are sponsored throughout the year.  Come out, get involved and be a part of the fun! 
  • Stay up-to-date. Just by checking out this website will help you stay informed on the latest Home & School happenings.  Also watch for announcements in the Weekly Wednesday Envelope.
  • Share your Thoughts. We are always looking for new and fresh ideas for events, meeting topics or school assemblies. Please share your ideas with us. Send an e-mail tocorpuschristihomeandschool@gmail.com or write us a note and drop it into the H&S mailbox in the school office. We appreciate your feedback.