Home and School Association Officers 2019-2020


For the 2019-2020 school year, CCS H&S is led by:

           Co-Presidents:   Mrs. Jill Burns & Mrs. Lindsay Beagle
           Co- ice Presidents: Mrs. Becky Arch & Mrs. Laura Demtriou
           Secretary: Mrs. Angie LaFond
           Treasurer:  Mrs. Katie Adinolfi
           Co-Treasurer:  Mrs. Kelly Wichner 

We are always looking for new and fresh ideas for events, meeting topics or school assemblies.  Please share your ideas with us.  Send us an email at corpuschristihomeandschool@gmail.com or write us a note and drop it into the H&S mailbox in the school office.  We appreciate your support. 

For additional information as to their roles and responsibilities

and term of commitment, please see the

H&S Association Officer Job Descriptions.  



Home & School Association Officer Job Descriptions

PRESIDENT - One-Year Term, Two-Year Commitment

The president shall represent the parent body to the parish, school, and school administration; and shall act as the liaison between the principal, pastor, parish, and parents regarding Home & School ideas, activities, and projects.

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • In conjunction with the principal, prepare the calendar of events for the upcoming school year to be submitted to the parish office for inclusion on the parish calendar.
  • Maintain open communication with school administration and the pastor.  Meet monthly with the principal and bi-annually with the pastor or as needed.
  • Prepare monthly agenda for Home & School Executive Board meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute Annual Master Volunteer Sign Up Genius listing all Home & School events for the upcoming school year.  This list will be sent to parents via email, posted on the CCS school website, and included in the Wednesday Envelope.  
  • Appoint interim officer or committee chair in the event of a vacancy.
  • Engage in coordination of parish functions with other parish organizations as needed.
  • Serve as co-chair of the Annual Fundraising Committee. 
  • Support all parish and school events as needed.
  • Facilitate and implement new programs.
  • Address parental inquires related to the Home & School Association.
  • Manage miscellaneous questions, concerns, emails, and issues brought forth by parents.  
  • Train vice-president for term as president.

VICE-PRESIDENT - One-Year Term, Two-Year Commitment

The vice-president shall perform the duties of the president whenever the president is absent, or at the request of the president; and shall assume the office of the president after one year of service as vice-president.

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work closely and assist the president as needed in order to carry out the objectives of the Home & School Association.
  • In coordination with the president, plan the general Home & School Association Meetings    (3 meetings/school year).  This includes choosing topics for discussion, scheduling speakers as needed, and communicating meeting information to parents.  
  • Serve as member of the Annual Fundraising Committee.
  • Routinely monitor the Corpus Christi Parent Facebook page including all new member requests and posts submitted during the year. 
  • Conduct annual review of membership on the Corpus Christ Parent Facebook page, and remove all those no longer attending CCS and add new incoming families.
  • Collect the volunteer information for each event from the chairperson.  Check with school secretary to make sure all volunteer clearances are current and track volunteer requirements for each family throughout the school year.

SECRETARY - Two-Year Term

The secretary shall keep the minutes showing a true and accurate record for all meetings of the Home & School Executive Board. 

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Keep minutes for all Executive Board meetings.  A copy of the minutes shall be forwarded to the principal for approval.   The principal will retain a copy of the minutes as a record.  The secretary will post a condensed version on the school website.
  • Coordinate the selection of homeroom parents annually at the beginning of each school year.  This includes drafting a letter asking for volunteers, selecting the homeroom parents for each class, checking to assure all clearances are current for those selected, and providing the final list to be included in the School Directory.
  • Serve as the Executive Board representative to the homeroom parents and send out communications as needed to them throughout the year.  
  • Collect the names of all volunteers attending school parties from homeroom parents prior to each event to ensure clearances are current for all volunteers.  Provide names to school secretary.  

TREASURER - Two-Year Term 

The treasurer shall make all disbursements only as directed by the Executive Board. The treasurer shall provide a verbal financial report monthly at the Executive Board meetings, and provide a written copy of the report to the principal.  

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Create annual budget and present it to the Executive Board in September.
  • Handle reimbursements for all Home & School expenses.
  • Pay monthly bills.
  • Maintain spreadsheet on monthly income and expenses and send copy to principal on monthly basis as a record. 
  • Serve as member of the Annual Fundraising Committee.
  • Provide end of the year summary outlining the past fiscal year to be included in the Wednesday Envelope.   


The Assistant Treasurer shall work closely with and assist the treasurer in order to carry out the specific duties of the treasury. 

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Create list of current students by homeroom at the beginning of the school year to be used for tracking electronic payments/orders.
  • Manage all online payments/orders made during the school year through the current online payment system. 
  • Collect and deposit all income (cash and checks) from Home & School activities.
  • Send manual deposit and online payment information to treasurer.
  • Provide cash boxes for all Home & School activities.
  • Track cash flow in and out of cash boxes.